SKILLS for Parents

Parents want their kids to be mentally well and safe, particularly during the transition through adolescence. This has always been a challenging time for both young people and their parents. However, the added influences of technology, social media, substance use, peer pressures and acceptance are arguably greater now than ever before.

This 1.5 hour presentation provides parents with an understanding of possible behaviours and signs about the need to check in with a child about safety. He or she may simply be going through a difficult time but how do we determine if safety is at risk? Being aware and open to discuss depression, anxiety, self-harm or suicide with a young person in your care may be the most important step to connect with available support.

Takeaways from this presentation:

  • Recognition that what we might hear, see or feel may be invitations to help
  • Facts out depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts
  • Practical approaches to broach difficult subjects with a young person and how to have a meaningful conversation
  • Support services available in your community, for your child and for yourself 

Interested in SKILLS for Parents?

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